Pride and Prejudice

October 2016

Jane Austen’s classic love story is brought to the stage by the University of Kent Players. The five Bennet sisters - including strong-willed Elizabeth - have been raised by their mother with one purpose in life: finding a husband. When the wealthy bachelor, Mr Bingley, takes up residence in nearby Netherfield, the Bennets are abuzz. But when Elizabeth meets up with the handsome and - it would seem - snobbish Mr. Darcy, the battle of the sexes is begins.

Vicky Gatward- Warner

James Manning

Jenny Harmer

Luke Fruin

Kevin White

Sarah Cooke

Emma Sorrell

Toni Tamblyn

Laura Withers


Paul Morris

Tim Gatward-Warner

Emma Marku

Helen McGregor

Jessica Hudson

Zarina Hawkins

Emma Bowles

Leila Sangtabi

Corinne Smallman


Sophie Taylor

Linda McCann

Harriet Finch

Nick Nicolaou

Kayleigh Buckingham-Pegg

Neil Hornsey

Stonepoint Ltd

Corinne Smallman

Leila Sangtabi

Canterbury College

Writer and Director

Assistant Director

and Stage Manager

Prompt and Props


Lighting and Sound

Stage Crew

Set Design

Set Construction



Hair and Makeup


Cast of Characters

Elizabeth Bennet

Mr Darcy

Jane Bennet

Mr Bingley

Mr Bennet and 

Colonel Fitzwilliam

Mrs Bennet

Lydia Bennet

Kitty Bennet

Mary Bennet and

Georgina Darcy

Mr Collins and 

Mr Gardener

Mr Wickham

Charlotte Lucas

Lady Catherine De Burgh

Caroline Bingley

Mrs Gardener

Anne De Burgh and

Mrs Reynolds

Pride and Prejudice Reviews 

October 2016

"Excellent production - your best yet!! Really enjoyed it - acting was superb. I was amazed at how such a long book was condensed into a stage play without missing out a thing. All I can say is how do you follow that?" Marilyn Warner

"Wonderful opening night of Pride & Prejudice... There were belly laughs aplenty, beautiful costumes and dancing, and more than once the girls' impassioned performances brought a tear to our eyes. We can heartily recommend the show as a delightful evening's entertainment." Jane Austin Society