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For a director, a production always starts a lot sooner than you think - a blog post

For a director, a production always starts a lot sooner than you think!

After weeks of preparation, research, script readings and arranging, getting to the auditions feels like reaching the top of a steep slope. Casting is always so difficult for a director, having to chose who fits into which role and which pairings work best sometimes feels like an act of faith. This is followed by a nervous wait for the actors and crew to accept their roles. For me (aside from the opening night!) this is one of the most stressful elements of managing a production.

But then you get to see all those people together for the first time and all the worry and stress melts away. Being able to properly welcome the team that will pull together over the short but intensive rehearsal period is one of the highlights of directing. The potential of this group of people and surprises that await are part of what makes directing so rewarding.

This production has been sitting inside my imagination for several months and I am really looking forward to the first all cast and crew read through on Tuesday. I will finally be able to start translating the stuff in my head into reality with a great and enthusiastic team. I can't wait to see how everyone has started making their characters come alive or, in the case of the foley team, what innovation in sound effects they'll have started work on. Expectations of coconut based horse effects are high!

It is still a long road to travel but I couldn't be in better company to travel it. Why not join us on 30th Nov or 1st Dec 2018 at Mungo's to see what the end of that road looks like?

By Vicky Gatward-Warner - Director

The University of Kent Players will be writing weekly blog posts throughout the rehearsal and production period of The Scarlet Pimpernel. If you are interested in joining the University of Kent Players, finding out more about a specific role, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

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