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The Philadelphia Story

November 2017 

Based on the movie The Philadelphia Story, the play follows the fortunes of a Philadelphia socialite. She must decide which man she loves – her drunken ex-husband, her wealthy fiance, or the prying reporter who turns up on the scene. Radio dramas were once the most popular form of entertainment and were usually broadcast as live performances. This event recreated the entire experience – from actors performing to sound effects such as footsteps and fist fights!

Sophie Taylor

David Atkins

Sarah Cooke

Jonathan Thirwell

Paul Morris

Jessica Hudson

Emily Rivers

Beth Flowers

Helen McGregor

Kayleigh Flaxman

Peter Llyod

Silvia Dobre

Vicky Gatward-Warner

Kevin White

Meg Barrett

Ayesha Barnes

Jackie Erasin

Linda McCann

Leila Jones

Canterbury College

Duncan Woodruff


Assistant Director 

Lead Foley

Assistant Foley

Assistant Foley



Hair and Makeup



Cast of characters 


Tracey Lord

C K Dexter Haven

Liz Imbrie, Librarian and Mrs Cosgrove

Mike Connor

Host MC

Host MC

Edith, Mack and Mrs Chewy

George Ketteridge

Mrs Lord

Dinah Lord and Warburton

Sidney Kidd, Mr Lord, Mrs Brown and Actor

Secretary, Patron, and Mrs Henson

The Philadelphia Story Reviews

"I have thoroughly enjoyed every show that the Players have done over the years and the Radio Play has certainly been another huge success. The group are a talented bunch of performer who have a passion for what they love to do! I’m looking forward to your next one guys!!" Suzanne Wood

"The production was great - really well planned and performed. I especially enjoyed the commercial breaks" Katie Louise

"Fantastic renditions of real classics with some impressive set and costume design that truly transformed the Gulbenkian and its stellar cast!" Cherie D

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