Murder Inn

By Howard Voland and Keith McGregor

Murder Inn is set in New England, at the Barnsley Inn, a dilapidated eighteenth century inn, which is supposedly haunted by Marco, a knife-throwing poltergeist. A group of tourists, on a tour-Ghosts and Ghouls of New England-is forced, by a storm, to make an unscheduled stop at the Barnsley. What looks to be an unpleasant and uncomfortable detour soon turns into a night of mayhem and madness as knives begin to pop up… 

Kyle Farrant

Lynne Frackleton

Joanna Beck

Emma Marku

Corinne Smallman

Laura Vickers

Carolyn Duey

Paul Morris

Neil Hornsey

Zarina Hawkins

Sarah Cooke

Nick Nicolaou

Cast of characters (in order of appearance)

Jake Talbot

Martha Talbot

Agnes Tate

Carolyn Pickett

Ellen Halsey

Muriel Lampmann

Patricia Simpson

Todd Currier

Professor Lawrence Currier

Grace Sharp

Doris Brooks

Donald Schultz

Zarina Hawkins

Joanna Beck

Harriet Finch

Neil Hornsey

Cardy Construction

SW Flooring

3 Planks Ltd

Leila Sangtabi

Emma Bowles

Dawn Harvey

Zarina Hawkins

Paul McNamara

Alison Gurr

Robert Hawkins


Assistant Director 

Lighting and Sound

Set Design

Set Construction


Furniture and Props

Hair and makeup

Stage Manager

Murder Inn Reviews

October 2016

"Well done to all involved In Murder Inn, very entertaining but not happy I didn't guess who dunnit!!" Debbie Pinfold

"A great big well done to you all tonight. Superb." Paul Mcnamara