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The Ghost Train

By Arnold Ripley

April 2018

Arnold Ridley's classic drama was first produced in 1925 and filmed no less than three times. A very silly young man accidentally strands six passengers at a small Cornish wayside station. Despite the stationmaster's weird stories of a ghost train, they decide to stay the night in the waiting room. Soon they regret this decision as ghostly and not so ghostly apparitions materialize, before the young man reveals the true reason behind the night's events.

Paul McNamara

Kayleigh Flaxman

David Atkins

Vicky Gatward-Warner

James Manning

Helen McGregor

Paul Morris

Jessica Hudson

Emily Rivers

Kevin White

Carrie Breed

Neil Hornsey

Sophie Taylor

Gareth Winters

Linda McCann

Silvia Dobre

Paul McNamara

Daniella Henderson

Silvia Dobre

Lynne Mantle

Neil Hornsey

Stonepoint Ltd

Altro Floowing

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Saul Hodgkin

Elsie Winthrop

Richard Winthrop

Peggy Murdock

Charles Murdock

Miss Bourne

Teddie Deakin

Julia Price

Joan Sterling

Herbert Price



Assistant Director 

Sound Effects





Set Design

Set Construction

The Ghost Train Reviews

"Really enjoyed The Ghost Train last night. It was very well cast with excellent costumes and set. The cast established a really good atmosphere of mystery and suspense and it was great to see a good plot well performed. Hope all goes well for the rest of the run!" Jo Pearsall

"The play was very good and I think I liked it as much as Flare Path which was my benchmark for a “goodun”. The set was excellent, the cast had strengths, and the direction, a triumph. Look forward to the next." Michael Collins

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