Flare Path

By Terence Rattigan

Against a backdrop of heartache and quiet bravery, Rattigan weaves a classic love story between RAF pilot Teddy celebrating a reunion at a Lincolnshire hotel with his actress wife Patricia which is tested the limits by the surprise arrival of Patricia’s ex-lover and Hollywood idol Peter Kyle.

An unexpected and dangerous mission over Germany puts Patricia at the centre of an emotional conflict as unpredictable as the war in the skies.


Sarah Cooke

Kyle Farrant

Zarina Hawkins

Paul McNamara

Beth Flowers

Jason Patrick

Chris Grace

Natalia Crisanti

Laura Withers

Mark Crutchlow

Neil Hornsey

Cast of characters (in order of appearance)


Countess Skriczevinsky

Peter Kyle

Mrs Oakes

Sergeant Miller


Count Skriczevinsky

Flight-Lieutenant Graham

Patricia Graham

Mrs Miller

Squadron-Leader Swanson

Corporal Jones


Assistant Director 

Lighting and Sound

Set Design

Set Construction


Furniture and Props

Neil Hornsey

Kasia Senyszya

Emma Braiden

Ben Jarrett

Neil Hornsey

Cardy Construction

3 Planks Ltd

Workplace Group

Beverley Braiden

Jayne Mortlock

Carol Leonard

Karen Weatherley

Paul McNamara