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Dangerous Corner

By J.B. Priestley

February 2020

The University of Kent Players production of  Dangerous Corner, one of Priestley's 'Time Plays', was stages at the Gulbenkian at the University of Kent.

On an evening in 1932 Robert and Freda Caplan host a dinner party for their colleagues and friends, all successful executives at a publishing company with the world at their feet.  Then a cigarette box and an ill-considered remark spark off a relentless series of revelations and other, more dangerous secrets are painfully exposed. As the truth spills out about the suicide of Robert’s clever, reckless brother, and the group’s perfect lives begin to crumble, the cost of professional and social success becomes frighteningly plain.

Anna Segal

Vicky Gatward-Warner

Jess Hudson

Zarina Hawkins

Nick Nicolaou

James Manning

Paul Morris

Emma Marku

Robert Hawkins

Kayleigh Flaxman

Sarah Cooke

Pete Ransom

Linda McCann

Leila Sangtabi

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Freda Caplan

Miss Mockridge

Betty Whitehouse

Olwen Peel

Charles Stanton

Gordon Whitehouse

Robert Caplan


Stage Manager


Backstage support

Lighting design


Poster design

Some of the comments received about Dangerous Corner.


"It was amazing!!! I really enjoyed tonight well done and
thank you!"
Maria Vertedor Munoz

"It was brilliant! You were fab! Congrats!"
Leila Jones

"Congratulations on a great version of Dangerous Corner, your hard work was evident for all to see."

"Well done all of you, very well played as usual."
Paul McNamara

We want to thank Chloë Gallien for the all the work she did
as Miss Mockridge before she sadly had to step down. Also, special thanks to original member, Neil Hornsey, for lending
us his voice as the radio announcer.

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