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Death in the Diner

May 2022

The University of Kent Players presented an original live interactive murder mystery for the first time in Mungos Diner, which became Knickerboacker Gloria's Diner for the two night production! The production was so popular that both nights were a sell out.


Knickerbocker Gloria’s - the gaudiest American themed diner in town, known for their milkshakes, roller skates and cheap chips. There was nothing unusual about the hustle and bustle of the evening crowd until a piercing scream of “murder” rippled through the diner.


The body found stabbed, bloody and covered in sprinkles, Gloria’s murderer can’t have gotten far… But could each audience group deduce what led to the Death in the Diner?


Audience members interviewed the murder suspects, examined the evidence and tried to avoid the sneaky red herrings with their soothing skills. All was revealed in a dramatic finale, with the help of a detective who happened to be dining at the time! 

DITD cast.jpg

Cast of Characters

Detective - Marie-Jean Royer

Jacqueline Brasserie - Chloe Gallien

Donna Teller - Helen McGregor

Sharon Donalds - Beth Flowers

Darren Donalds - Jonathan Thirwell

Cathy Chino - Sarah Tetle

Brock Buster - Robben Sherburne

Danny Porter - James Manning

Richard Mussel - Emily Rivers

Director/ Writer - Josh Turner


Front of House and support - Vicky Gatward-Warner

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