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Comic Potential

by Alan Ayckbourn

14-16 April 2016

In the near future, an android develops emotions and an aspiring writer falls in love with her. But where he sees potential, others see only a malfunction - leading to the question, what makes us human?

Paul Morris

Jessica Hudson

Vicky Gatward-Warner

Sarah Cooke

Emma Marku

Kayleigh Buckingham


Leila Sangtabi

Paul McNamara

Lynne Frackleton

Corinne Smallman

Nick Nicolaou

Kyle Farrant

Neil Hornsey

Cast of characters


Adam Tainsmith

JCF 31-353

Kathryn Chance

Carla Pepperbloom

Prim Spring

Trudi Floote and 

dress shop assistant


Lester Trainsmith,

hotel desk clerk

and Waiter 2

Mother and farmers wife

Girl in dress shop

Waiter 1 and turkey

Prostitue and Son

Doctor, farmer,

and man in dress shop



Assistant Director 

Stage manager

Lighting and Sound

Set Design

Set Construction


Furniture and Props

Hair and Makeup

Stage Hands


Programme and Artwork

Neil Hornsey

Kyle Farrant

Kyle Farrant

Harriet Finch

Kyle Farrant

Neil Hornsey

Stonepoint Ltd and

Cardy Construction

Alison Gurr

Emma Marku

Laura Withers

Alison Gurr

Laura Withers

Leila Jones

Alison Gurr

Lesley Farr

Zarina Hawkins

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