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Bothered & Bewildered

By Gail Young

September 2019

Bothered & Bewildered is a comic drama that follows Irene and her two daughters Louise and Beth as they begin a long journey in which the girls lose their mum in spirit but not in body. As her family struggle to come to terms with her Alzheimer’s, Irene’s past passion for romantic fiction blurs with reality. She discusses with her unseen and witty companion Barbara Cartland (Irene’s favourite and now deceased world famous romantic novelist) how best to write her ‘memory book’, disclosing to Barbara long kept family secrets that she would never reveal to anyone else.

Zarina Hawkins

Marie-Jeanne Royer

Sarah Cooke

Kayleigh Flaxman

Chloé Gallien

Neil Hornsey

David Atkins

Annaleah Fruin

Neil Hornsey

David Atkins

Annaleah Fruin


Sophie Packer

James Langdon

Emily Rivers

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Barbara Cartland





Dr Johnson

Young Jim

Young Irene





Stage Manager


Bothered & Bewildered Reviews

“...You will laugh, and tears will form in your eyes, but I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the brilliance of the acting. Not an easy play to depict, but the Players took on the challenge and outweighed all expectations. Well done, University of Kent Players!”
Jenny Overy/Canterbury

"Well done to all involved in the play, I was drawn into it from the start..." Paul Mcnamara

"I really enjoyed seeing this last night, it was very thought provoking." Lou Barlow

"...well done on a phenomenal performance! I think pretty much anyone will recognise something in your performance of Irene that resonates with their own experience of the condition. It was so powerful and so moving." Marian Duggan

"Such a great show guys, worthy of a professional troop, hard to imagine you all have day jobs and still turn out a performance like this!" Robert Hawkins

"I recently watched Bothered and Bewildered and I found it a very moving and emotional experience. The subject matter of the play is extremely topical and it was sensitively and professionally dealt with by the actors. I was totally convinced by all the characters in the play and very impressed by the skill and expertise of the actors" Sarah Marsh

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