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Alice in Wonderland

November 2019

This classic children's tale (or is it really social satire?) was brought to life as a live radio play. With the Players stepping up to the microphones to voice everyone from Alice to the March Hare and a foley team providing all the sound effects needed for this madcap adventure, fun and laughter were bound to follow.

Alice grows bored and sleepy spending time with her sister on the riverbank, so follows a white rabbit down a whole to wonderland - a place populated with talking animals, magic
and a very life-like pack of cards.

Marie-Jeanne Royer

Zarina Hawkins

Paul Morris

James Manning

Grace Grussenmeyer

Jonathan Thirwell

Silvia Dobre

Emily Rivers

Jess Hudson

Robin Rose Breetveld

Kayleigh Flaxman

Vicky Gatward-Warner

Kevin White

Linda McCann

Beth Flowers

Chloé Gallien

Sophie Packer

Cast of Characters


Cheshire Cat


King of Hearts & others

Queen of Hearts & others

March Hare & others

White Rabbit & others

Foley / Announcers

Front of House


Assistant Director



Alice in Wonderland reviews

"A brilliant evening – we thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next production."

Jenny Overy, Canterbury


Extract from NODA review

A very accurately cast production, it brought us everything we have come to expect from a University of Kent Players radio production. There was a vast array of wonderful characters all brought to life by an extraordinarily talented cast manoeuvring seamlessly in and out of the many roles they played. Direction was polished and each performer knew exactly what was required of them.


The foley crew worked incredibly hard producing a vast amount of sound effects all on cue in a variety of ways. Their timing was impeccable and I especially loved their numerous fanfares!  

This production was thoroughly entertaining. It is such an engaging form of theatre and always engrosses those who watch. Many congratulations on yet another well-presented piece.

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